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My own journey...

Hi, I'm Karen


I have spent many years in the holistic world, supporting women. Coming from a place of compassion and self discovery, I have been able to guide myself through a journey of self doubt, depression, anxiety, divorce and personal disappointments, to a place of self acceptance, peace and most importantly self love. 


My own rock bottom came when my marriage collapsed and I couldn’t afford the payments on our flat alone. Lonely and depressed, homeless and trapped in an unfulfilling job, I lost all self-belief and self-love. Then in the years that followed, I came to terms that I would never have my own children.


A hard journey, but one that has made me empathise with loss and grief and has taught me the greatest gift of self acceptance. As women, there are many life stages that teach and shape us. I believe that woman to woman, we can support each other through these changes. 


Rather than skirting around my problems, looking for a quick fix, as I had done in my twenties, I took my time and put the tools I’ve learnt over years of caring for others into practice. This was the time to break unhelpful behavioral patterns and move forward, with heart and soul open, to make real, lasting change.


Through therapy, meditation, spirituality and mindfulness, I rebuilt myself piece by piece, healing and transforming my life. I left my job and travelled round the world, free from the constraints of my old life patterns, as part of my healing (a proper ‘Eat,Pray, Love’ experience)

Life changing and exciting, yes, but not where the real work happened, that came from within. 

I invested in the support of a fantastic life-coach, worked through my limiting beliefs and self doubt and decided it was the time to truly show up and share my gifts and experience with others.  

Picture of Karen smiling

My role in your journey

As a massage therapist, meditation teacher and intuitive guide, I arm my clients with the life-long tools they need to learn and grow from difficult or painful experiences.


Techniques like meditation, mindfulness and EFT help us recognise what we need to let go of, what no longer serves us. While following your gut can be painful and scary, it can also help you discover what’s truly important. 


The first step is to accept change as part of life. We are ongoing students of life, constantly evolving and learning, embracing the natural shifts and rhythms of existence.

Picture of a Buddha and a candle

My promise to you

Working from my garden studio, I provide an oasis of peace and tranquility for you, with a healing atmosphere that envelops and nurtures your soul.

My calm compassion, empathy and gentle energy have helped hundreds of women live more thoughtfully and authentically.

Allow me to guide you through your own journey to wholeness, wellness and a more wonderful life.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Picture of a client having a massage in the summerhouse

What my clients say...

Words could not describe how incredible Karen's massage was. I felt a real sense of self connection and relaxation. 


I enjoyed the spiritual, inner connection and self love that I found during Karen's classes. I am now using these techniques regularly as part of my daily routine.


I have a stressful job and find myself looking forward to my next appointment with Karen. She is professional and reassuring. I feel it is a real investment in my physical and mental wellbeing.


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