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Come,rest your weary soul.

Dear one,

I hear you, I feel you, this has been such a hard time for us. We are all feeling weary and this has most definitely been a marathon rather then a sprint. A year in and still we are unable to hug our loved ones, socialize with our friends and enjoy the simple things like sitting having a coffee with a friend on their sofa.

Whilst the threat of the virus is tiring, we also have to throw into the mix being teachers, home schooling, accountants, with altered incomes, counsellors and empaths to each other. No wonder we are tired, but honour what you're doing, congratulate yourself and above all be kind.

I can not begin to know how our mental health will fare from this last year. On this note I can happily let you know I have recently completed my training as a Mental Health First Aider. Something which I wanted to have a better understanding of and a qualification behind me so that you know I am safe to work in this capacity and always looking out for your mental health. My aim is to always work safely, with as much knowledge and compassion, to be able to support you on your journey.

So, having been through this last year there will be many lessons learned and we will all remain changed from this life event. However, we do not need to work all that out for now. What we can do however, is focus on the now.

There definitely is a light out there, vaccines are being given and whether it’s your choice to have or not to have, that is your own personal decision. For some it is a lifeline to be able to see their grandchildren once again and have a much-needed hug. I, for one, never underestimate the power of human touch and cannot wait to not only hug my loved ones but give therapeutic treatments once again. I can feel that day will come again, soon.

I have been delving into learning all about the changing seasons, how to connect more with mother earth, Gaia and how I can translate that learning into my teachings and sharing them with you.

To begin this year’s celebrations and to begin lifting our weary hearts and souls I will be honouring Imbolc.

Imbolc is a joyous and much celebrated date on the Pagan Wheel of the Year. Imbolg, the original word meaning ‘in the belly’ was thought to be associated with the start of lambing season. Celebrated from the 1st through to the 2nd February, nature based religions honour this midpoint of winter and the last, usually coldest and most bleak stretch of the journey through the biting dark months towards the spring time and the rebirth of the Earth.

We can ask support in the form of Brigid, the Pagan Goddess at Imbolc. She is known to be the Goddess to pray to, meditate with and leave offerings for, for those wishing for wisdom and guidance with, amongst other things, healing, poetry, smithcraft and midwifery.

Brigid takes our hand at this time and leads us away from the darkness it feels we have endlessly endured and gently urges us towards the brightness of colours offered to us by the Earth throughout its’ spring and summer months.

You can ask Brigid to guide you in your journey through the year, to bring you wisdom and integrity as you work to manifest your goals for the coming months.

Fire was significant during the Imbolc celebration of old, but the focus wasn’t on a giant central bonfire instead the focus was on the returning of the light. The lighting of candles, lamps, and bonfires represents the return of the Sun and all it’s glorious blessings.

As we move forward into the season of spring, we must cleanse and purify ourselves and all things that are part of our personal space. It’s a time to release negativity from our homes, our hearts, and our community. We are about to enter the season of optimism and hope, and we must free ourselves from the clutter of winter and prepare for the light of a new day.

To celebrate Imbolc you may want to;

· Spring clean your home.

· Let go of the past and be in the present, making both inner and outer space for new beginnings.

· Plant seeds.

· Bake a cake.

· Write a poem.

· Light candles to welcome the new light, make a wish for your family and friends, honour those who have passed and spend time with them in quiet contemplation.

· Use ginger for firing up that new energy.

· Go out and spend time in nature, find your first flowers of the year, Snowdrops, Hellebores, Winter Pansies. Take photos and go home and draw what you found.

· Most importantly rest that weary head, heart and soul and take your time to glide into our next season. Easy does it, one step forward at a time, we can do this together, supporting each other and keeping a close eye on your self-compassion as a priority.

So much love and compassion, Karen.

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