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It's time to make yourself a priority!

I’m Karen, a wellbeing guide.

Allow me to guide you to a calmer place, through massage, meditation and EFT




How it begins. 

Wouldn't you like to prioritise your needs and make your self-care a non negotiable in your busy life? 

I wish to encourage and empower you to be the best version of you, stepping into a life of compassion, for yourself and others.

I'm able to help you get to this place through meditation, massage and wellbeing guidance.

With an easy booking and payment system, all you need to do is book now, come along and together we will do the magic.

If you are unsure of what you need, get in contact, via email, WhatsApp or book a discovery call (a FREE 10 minute chat) to discuss your needs.

"Every woman who heals and learns to love herself, helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her." C. Northrup

Your Journey to peace starts here


Intuitive massage


Let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Karen, a woman who has experienced lack of self-care, lived with depression, anxiety and feelings of not being 'enough.'

 Having come through years of self development and my own transformation, to a place of truly believing that I am worthy of the best life I can have.

I wish to lift up and inspire other women 

to do the same.

I want you to truly feel it in your soul, that you are deserving of the absolute best of everything life has to offer!

Book here to start your journey...

Take your first step to self compassion, download my FREE self-care guide here...

Read my latest blog;
'Could softness be your strength? ’

Karen is the most patient and kindest therapist I have ever worked with. Her knowledge and skills go far beyond what is expected whether you are having a massage or attending one of her courses. She is very attentive and caters for your individual needs with such care and compassion. I can not recommend her more highly!!!


What my clients say...

I reached out to Karen as I suffer with anxiety and Karen’s calm and soothing approach has taught me many techniques and tricks to help combat what I suffer with the most. Each week introduces new meditations, as well as drawing on previous techniques and learning to help make the most of the sessions. Karen is a fantastic teacher, always open to questions and her lovely meditation room provides a safe and comfortable environment. I cannot recommend Karen enough!


Karen is an amazing therapist, I had such a lovely experience at her beautiful home!
From the moment I walked in I just felt so much calmer and relaxed, the treatment itself was incredible! The room has a lovely calming feel and the music and scent just instantly calms the mind. I can’t recommend Karen enough, most beautiful, kind hearted lady that really understands what you need from the treatment!
Thank you so much Karen! X

G. Dorking 

Gift Voucher

Gift Cards are Available

Have you experienced that feeling of being able to truly let go and allowing yourself to be nurtured and cared for, even if it’s just for an hour?

  • How about asking for this as a gift?


  • Or treating one of your loved ones to the same feeling?

I have personalised gift vouchers for any amount and can either send them via post or click the link below to purchase your gift card now.


  • The physical gift vouchers come in a beautiful handmade card (by me) giving that extra personal touch.

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