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Our achievements are in the small wonders we do everyday.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Have you heard of a journal prompt?

It may be a phrase to help think about life and writing can be a cathartic way of expressing ourselves.

One such prompt I saw recently was,

'What have you achieved so far this year?'

Does that question trigger you into a state of panic, disappointment and then feeling less than enough?

It did me when I sat down to journal the other day. I was writing about my half yearly achievements.

Am I on track with financial earnings? No

Have I achieved all my business goals? No

Have I lost the weight I intended to? No

….you get the idea.

So with the clear trajectory this this journal entry was taking, I took a breath.

This is my first piece of advice I give on being present. A breath give you space to pause.

I took a breath, noticed my thoughts and then put my query in a different way...

'What have I created or been a part of these last six months?'

'What has lifted my spirits and fed my soul?'

This time I felt excited to write!

- My garden is a beautiful work in progress that I'm learning from. Being a part of its creation, it allows me to slow down and watch mother nature in action.

-I have run meditation workshops,

giving others space to 'be' rather than 'do.'

- I took up dancing, kept up my yoga practice, sang, took time to create, paint, draw. My creative side, I've realised, is a vital part of my self expression.

- I've been on so many wonderful walks, spent more and more time in nature and seen how this is intrinsically linked to my mental well-being.

- I got my qualification as an EFT practitioner, enabling me to further help you with your emotional wellbeing.

- I have been a part of many women's self-care, healing journey's and been privileged enough to hold space for people to be themselves.

I have lost count of the times I've said, 'I love my job' and that's a huge achievement!

- All of this and more, being a step-mum, keeping a home, seeing my regular clients and meeting lots of new beautiful souls.

So what have I achieved?

- a balanced mental wellbeing

- kept my self-care a priority in my life

- continued self employment, doing a job I love

Do you see how this was the same question I started with but a took a totally new pathway?

Because I wrote what I have achieved (despite a slowing economy and a post pandemic crawl back to people feeling safe and ready to meet) it was a whole different feeling.

The way I felt and the energy around my answer was lifted and light, as opposed to dark and heavy.

So ask yourself these questions,

What have I created or been a part of?

What fills my heart with joy and feeds my soul?

Your achievements can be measured by your self care, your state of mind and your souls happiness.

They are in the small wonders we do everyday that bring us joy.

Are you able to see what helps your mind to thrive, what makes you smile and feel good about being alive?

These are the achievements we need to highlight!

And it doesn't all have to be positive or big things. Life isn't all rainbows. Your achievements might be that you're able to get up, walk the dog or keep a roof over your head. It ALL matters, you are amazing!!

Your ability to adapt to change, to keep your head above the water and not only float but fly is so worth marking as an achievement!

So if you have done this, know you've done well.

Smile inwards and send yourself some loving compassion, just as you would a best friend.

Know that you are enough.

With so much love and compassion,


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