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The Curious Journey of Your Mental Health

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Caring for your mental health is not a linear journey.

What do I mean by that?

Last spring I felt my emotional health was better than ever. I had so many tools in my 'self-help survival kit' to support me. I felt strong, I felt happy.

I knew that nature, being my greatest healer, was there to support me. I knew that I had EFT and meditation in my kit. I was in a good place.

I decided, having been on medication for depression and anxiety for many years, now was a good time for me to try and come off them.

[I did it very slowly, with my GP. If ever you make this decision it's a very personal choice and one to be discussed with your medical team.]

Gradually, I came off them and there was a gentle dip in my mood. It wasn't easy and I contemplated going back on them. There was never any problem or judgement from myself if I changed my mind. I decided to try and ride out the waves, with my survival kit firmly in hand.

I'm pleased to say, that the dip past and I made friends with a new normal.

A fact of life is, things happen. Everything is transient and the constant in life is that everything changes.

We had a family bereavement.

The winter months seemed to linger. The darkness and cooler temperatures seem to hang around a bit longer than usual.

Healthwise I'm on a bit of a journey. I've been diagnosed with something that affects my connective tissue. It gives me periods of chronic fatigue and joint pain.

Add in peri menopause and some days it's a challenge. I've been so impressed with how much EFT has helped me navigate all the feelings that have come up, during this time of transition.

I'm grateful to be here to navigate my way through these challenges.

All of these things affected my mood, but I would expect them too.

I am a great advocate of counselling and have found it to be a constant thing I dip in and out of over the years. It has been such a comfort in times of need. To seek help shows great strength. I found myself back with a counsellor to support me.

I've joined a gym and I'm loving strength training for the physical and emotional benefits and am doing really well.

Our emotions are what make us human. We are going to have 'wobbles,' to quote one of my clients. Wobbles are normal human responses to life.

Fluctuations in life are normal. Our hormones, moods and weather fluctuates, so why would we expect our mental health to be level?

We don't just sort something out and then go, 'Ta da! That's it. I'm all done. Now I'm all sorted'

I'm far from unusual. You will have your own personal issues, health, family stresses, burdens to carry, high points and low points. It's life. But on your own wellbeing journey take comfort from the fact you will have things to support you.

  • Have a think about what you've got in your own survival kit?

  • What do you know will always raise a smile?

  • What one thing can make you feel just that bit brighter?

  • Look for moments of joy in your life. Especially the small micro moments that can sometimes pass us by.

  • Saviour the good times for they will pass, and in the bad times, remember they too will pass.

  • Write these things down to refer to when you need them.

The journey of balancing our mental health often involves a combination of self-care practices, seeking support from loved ones, and professional help if necessary. It may include therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, and adopting healthy coping mechanisms.

It's crucial to remember, that looking after your wellbeing is never linear and twists and turns on the journey are common and normal.

So when these things come along, I hope you have everything that you need in your toolbox to help you and if you don't, take a step back and see what you need.

Whether that's going for a walk, connecting with nature, seeing a counsellor, seeing me to learn EFT, reading a book, joining a club or dance class, making rest your priority, whatever it is to help lift you and support you, do that.

Be kind to yourself,

Go gentle,

Karen 🌿💚

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